Divine Decoupage

Derian 1John Derian, the king of decoupage makes switchplates! I am quite upset that I didn’t know about these lovelies sooner. I have been a big fan of John Derian for a very long time, as many of you remember from my search for a sofa, but these? They are divine. Now while I don’t plan on getting rid of my Forbes & Lomax switchplates and replacing them with these decoupage beauties, I will keep them in mind for other projects, and purposefully attempt to have locations where there are single switches so that these might be incorporated. I have always been a big proponent of replacing switchplates to dress up a room, but using one of these switchplates is like hanging a small piece of art. How chic. This is just a sampling of some of my favorites, visit John Derian’s website to see more!Derian 2

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