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Lake PlacidGood Morning Lacquered Lifers … and good morning Gil Schafer. As most of you are aware, I have always been a fan of architect Gil Schafer’s work. He does a beautiful job renovating historic houses, as well as building new “old” houses. Case in point, this stunning “great camp” inspired Lake Placid house. Gil, if I ever owned a lake house, I would imagine it to look just like this one. While the design and architecture of this home are phenomenal, something else caught my attention … the rattan furniture on the porch.Lake Placid 2Bielecky Brothers. Manufacturing wicker, cane, and rattan pieces in Queens since 1903, Bielecky Brothers is the industry leader in natural woven furniture. Famous designers such as Billy Baldwin have designed pieces for Bielecky Brothers. And frankly, if one were to ask what I wanted the piazza at New Street to look like (whenever we actually get to the point in the project when we’re doing furniture) I would paint to this photo – no question. So thank you Architectural Digest, and thank you Gil Schafer

Photos via Architectural Digest

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Game Time

Good Morning Lacquered Lifers. Hope everyone had a safe and celebratory 4th of July weekend. Growing up, my mother told me that my great-grandmother always said that summer was over after the 4th of July. Despite that seeming extremely negative, somehow I always feel like after the 4th the summer just blows right by. So in an effort to seize the summer! I plan on getting outside and acting like a kid as much as possible. Cue the yard games. GamesToday is the last day of Terrain’s summer tag sale, and you don’t want to miss it – especially with all of the extremely chic, vintage inspired yard games that are available. Get your whites pressed for a badminton themed cocktail party. Below are all the games that I plan on purchasing and taking full advantage of this summer. Games 2Paddle Ball. We’re all familiar with the Kadima racquets we have been playing with since we were kids, but this design makes us all the more likely to get out of the lounge chair and start a tourney. Games 3Badminton. Definitely a favorite. But who needs those ugly metallic racquets when you can play with wooden ones like these … and real feather shuttlecocks. Yes, shuttlecocks.Games 4Croquet. Another amazing yard game that is great for a themed party. White dresses, pimms cups, tea sandwiches … sound like an afternoon you would love to have? Get on it! Games 5Horseshoes. My dad always used to say, “Almost doesn’t count except in horseshoes and hand grenades.” Kind of a strange turn of phrase, but hey, he was right, “almost” does count in horseshoes, so who doesn’t love a game when you get credit even when you don’t get it over the pin. I’m in!

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