Wilmette Hardware for the Win!

DSC_0002Does your dog bark at the mailman? Hamish has developed a real problem when it comes to being vocal towards the mailman. And our poor mailman would have to come through our privacy door on the street onto the piazza where he would often encounter a less than pleased Hamish in order to put mail through the slot on our front door. For more information on Privacy Doors click here. Typically a privacy door has a mail slot, and thus this problem is typically avoided. However, I didn’t want just any old mail slot. I wanted the perfect mail slot. IMG_5702 Enter Wilmette Hardware . Located in Wilmette, IL, they are the creators and purveyors of the perfect mail slot. Flush with the door, un-lacquered brass – the most attractive mail slot I had ever seen. And trust me, I had looked at a lot of mail slots in the search for the perfect slot. When it arrived I couldn’t have been more excited for the install. IMG_5718 DSC_0017And the finished product. I couldn’t be more pleased with the scale, design, and craftsmanship of this mail slot. DSC_0020 DSC_0028Here is Hamish posing with the new mail slot. Thanks to Wilmette Hardware I know that our mail man is going to be much happier visiting our house. Wilmette Hardware manufactures some absolutely beautiful hardware – look out for a post on doorknobs coming soon. And in the meantime, follow one of their accomplished craftsmen, Micah Eastvold on Instagram at www.instagram.com/micah6eight

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  • So excited to learn about this fabulous company in my neck of the woods. Would you be willing to share the name of your door paint color? It’s perfection.

    1. Thanks Lida & Natasha! It is Benjamin Moore Gentleman’s Gray. Great color. One of my favorites. Thanks for stopping by!