A Modern Vacation in Greece

Greece 6I think people assume that because I’m a preservationist, I am not a big fan of modern architecture … but that is just not true. Sometimes I find that well executed modern architecture can be just as fascinating as the layers of paint in an 18th century house. Case in point The Plane House on the Greek island of Skiathos. While I love the typical Greek island homes of Santorini, with their whitewashed walls and blue shutters, to me this modern home is as much a part of the landscape as those whitewashed cottages. Greece 8Slate, from an adjacent island, adorns the walls. 
Greece 5Greece 4The ceiling over the alfresco dining area is made of makuti, or dried palm fronds.Greece 7Greece 2The wood for the deck is also a local iroko wood. 
Greece 1Photos via Dwell. For more pictures of The Plane House click here.

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