Trolling for Towels

IMG_2843It is beach week here at Lacquered Life, as WWB and I gear up to head to Jamaica on Friday for our anniversary! After yesterday’s post on beach chairs, today we continue with beach towels. I wanted to do a post on towels because these days there is so much more available than the traditional striped terry cloth towel. That being said, I do love a Lands End striped towel. However, today we’re talking non-traditional beach towels, the kind that could just as easily be a sarong or pareo. 
Towel 8 knotsFirst up 8 Knots. I did a post on 8 Knots back in January, so I won’t go into too much detail, but we have two of them, they’re highly absorbent, come in a variety of color combinations, look great wrapped around your waist, and are available at favorite Charleston men’s shop Indigo & Cotton.Towel FurbishNext are these beautiful Turkish Towels from Furbish Studio. Again, these towels come in a variety of pretty colors, and would clearly look great as a sarong. One of the things I love about all these Turkish towels is that they are so lightweight. When you’re sitting on the beach during a South Carolina summer, even lying on terry cloth can feel hot. Towel MatoukA new favorite, the Amado beach towel and blanket from Matouk! Yes, you heard me right, blanket. So you could have a towel as well as the perfect throw for a beach picnic. What is really special about these towels is that the colored stripes are a flat weave, like the turkish towels above, and the white stripes are in a thin terry cloth. So you actually get the best of both worlds. 
Towel RRRAnd finally, my favorite, the beach towels from Roberta Roller Rabbit. If you follow Lacquered Life on Instagram (you should!), you have probably seen my Roberta towel featured quite often in photos on the beach. One of the things I love about it is its size – at 46″ x 90″ not even your feet are touching the sand.  So it is a little big and would not be a good sarong … but let’s be honest, you already have a sarong from Roberta Roller Rabbit so the towel doesn’t have to do double duty. Do you have a favorite towel? Time to stock up for summer!

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