Favorite Harbour

India Hicks 1What would a beach week at Lacquered Life be, without featuring some of my favorite “beachy” tastemakers?  Two of my all time favorites are Harbour Island locals, Tom Scheerer (obviously) and India Hicks. I love the nature of all of these interiors spaces that seem to say, “Sit down in your wet bathing suit, put your sandy feet up, and have a planters punch.” Well, at least that is what it says in my mind. The stylish yet practical vibe of each of these vignettes, note hats on the wall and beach bags at the ready, is what caribbean living is all about, and why I am so excited to head to Jamaica on Friday.Interiors of Tom Scheerer for BookIndia Hicks 3PortraitsIndia Hicks 5179-TScheerer_CashBox_50469I highly recommend following India Hicks on Instagram and Tom Scheerer on Instagram for more photos of life in Harbour Island. Also if you need a recommendation on where to stay in Harbour Island, my dear friend Chassity over at Look Linger Love just came back from a stay at The Dunmore, and it looks like heaven. Also, you can actually rent a house owned and decorated by India Hicks(!), here. And finally, below is a picture from our guest room here in Charleston, where these two island tastemakers have definitely had an influence … Portraits, Interiors

 Photos by Francesco Lagnese, or via hibiscushillharborisland.squarespace.com

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