On the Campaign Trail

cooper stoolI went into this post thinking that I was going to profess my love for the Serena & Lily Cooper Leather stool . In the description on their website, it says that this stool is their modern reinterpretation of a campaign stool. So naturally, being the Curious George that I am, I went snooping for photos of what a campaign stool actually looks like. And low and behold I found a new stool love at Lewis Drake & Associates.hunting stoolThe Three Legged Stool by Lewis Drake & Associates. With its cordovan leather seat, rosewood legs, and brass accents this stool is a dream. It also comes with an incredibly chic leather strap which allows you to fold up the stool and take it with you. So this stool would look fabulous in your living room, and you would look fabulous when you whipped it out at a tailgate. So long cheap plastic folding chair – hello three legged stool.hunting stool hanginghunting stool duo

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