A Sense of Permanence

lilt-self-adhesive-wallpaperWhen I had my apartment in Philadelphia during graduate school, or my apartments with and without W in NYC, I was always jealous of papered walls. I would walk into houses or apartments that people owned and proclaim that they were “real people,” because there was something so permanent and settled about wallpaper. Well, thanks to CB2, you can now have that wonderful feeling of permanence in a place that you rent. Self adhesive wallpaper – you stick it up yourself, and the self adhesive backing allows you to remove it when your lease is up. Genius. And these patterns are pretty great too …branchesorbit paper 1 branches 3Orbit paper 2branches 2And as you know, wallpaper can be fabulous in places other than the walls … lining drawers, the back of bookshelves, wallpapering a table, making a lampshade … the possibilities are endless! And what is great about this CB2 paper is that if you hate it, just take it off! Love a non-committal wallpaper. Click on the photos to be re-routed to the site.


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