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After some feedback from my friends about Friday’s post, it occurred to me that when it comes to tablescapes and mantlescapes, not many people know where to go looking for decorative objet to do their “scaping.”  At the end of my post, I complained about Nate Berkus’ collection on HSN.com which features  pre-packaged mantlescapes and tablescapes.  Obviously there is a reason that Berkus has included those items in his collection for the bargain website–clearly people don’t know what objet to use, where to go looking for them, and how to put their “scape” together.  To my loyal readers, I am sorry that I have left you high and dry!  
Above is the first tablescape that I ever put together on my own.  I was extremely proud of myself, as my mother is quite the “tablescaper.”  I did this in the house in Charleston.  However, this tablescape did not come together all at once, it came together very slowly over time. 
Prior to the purchase of the mercury lamp, and the magnolia painting, the space had not realized its full potential.  A tablescape has a pretty basic formula: a lamp, possibly a plant or floral arrangement, a few objets, books, and some photos.  Also if your table has spindly legs, it is nice to anchor it with something, as I did with the jardiniere in the preceeding photos.  
House Beautiful
House Beautiful
Cottage Living
Choosing the right objet, books, lamp etc. and putting them in order is up to you!–however, I do have some suggestions on where to buy good objet and accessories for your tablescape.
Z Gallerie boasts a quite a few objet for your “scaping” projects, however, make sure you choose wisely.  There are a few things on the website that are a little too ostentatious for many decorating schemes.  The three objets pictured above are all under $40, and would make a great addition to a side table, cocktail table, or bookshelf.  




Albeit a tad more expensive, RSH.com offers some beautiful, more conservative objet for under $100.  One can never go wrong with blue porcelain, it is a classic–I even used it in my first tablescape!  I love the Casablanca lanterns, I have something similar in my apartment, and the light from the candles will make beautiful shapes on your walls.  Foo dogs have been quite popular for some time now, but I love these because they forego the traditional blue in favor of a funkier and more contemporary lime.  

CB2, the perennial favorite when it comes to cheap home decor solutions, offers quite a few items that will work well.  A few of my favorites are above.  I love architectural elements in tablescapes, like the magnificent tabletop staircase model in Bill Blass’ Connecticut House–talk about lusting after something!  Since I cannot afford an antique staircase model, the stick sculptures of buildings will have to do.  They are great looking, and will add height to any “scape.”  The format tray is a must have … I think a tray is one of the best things in a tablescape–stack some books on the tray with an objet on top and you are pretty much finished.  The best part about trays is, when friends come for cocktails, just remove your books and objet and add some liquor and you have a ready made bar!  I love the colors and shapes of these citrus vases, and what a price! 

This is one of my absolute favorite objet out there, and something that I have recently begun to think that I must purchase.  This is a  lacquer bath box from Jonathan Adler.  What a sneaky place to store miniature treasures, or perhaps even jewelry.  This turquoise color is my favorite, but it comes in a variety of other chic and cheerful colors.   
Above I have offered some suggestions on certain objet to complete your tablescape or mantelscape or bookshelfscape–go for it! 

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  • I am simply in love the objects you have displayed from RSH.com, but how do you keep a tablescape from looking cluttered?

  • Emily-Thanks for reading! I would say that sometimes clutter isn’t a bad thing, it just has to be the right clutter. The two photos I have shown from Cottage Living and the photo from Domino have alot going on, but still manage to look chic to me. I think if your clutter is strategic, thematic, and the colors are complimentary–it will look just as good as in these photos! Let me know how it goes, and send a pic if you like!