Back in Bloom

Sorry about the lack of a post yesterday, I officially arrived back in Philadelphia and started classes again.  Its so good to be back in my little apartment.  First stop yesterday was Trader Joe’s for hyacinths!  Finally back in season, these beautiful blue, white, and purple flowers have the most amazing scent and look beautiful in any space. 
I have previously blogged about paperwhites, and how their scent signals the holiday season for me, but hyacinths are the best, because they cheer you up during a time of year which can seem quite dreary.  
Hyacinths come in a variety of different colors, I am partial to the blueish-purple, however, the white are lovely too.  All have the same beautiful scent.  
There are also flowers called grape hyacinths, shown above, which are much smaller, and have a grape-like appearance.  Their thin stems and wild look is perfect for tumbling out of country containers throughout the house.  
Remember also that hyacinths are a bulb flower, and with enough patience, you can plant the bulb in autumn and wait for the flowers’ arrival this time of year.  However, if you do decide to do this, be sure you store the bulb in a cool and dark place for the duration of the fall–this in itself can be quite a task in an old apartment building with radiant heat! 

One of my favorite things about cut hyacinths is that they require little or no skill in flower arrangement.  Flower arranging has never been my forte, and I have always deferred to those with more skill when it comes to cut stems, however, with hyacinths there is very little struggle.  Put haphazardly into interesting containers or simple vases, hyacinths always look pulled together and chic.  A simple clear vase, like the one shown above, is perfect for showcasing the bright green stems of the hyacinth.  I love the contrast between the strong purple-blue and the green.  
A small bouquet of hyacinths will not cost you more than $10 at your local Trader Joe’s, or the corner store, and they are a cheap way to add some cheer to your space this time of year–not to mention the scent!  Here are my hyacinths in my Philadelphia studio, stuck into a vase from Crate and Barrel which was also under $10.  If you fall in love with the hyacinth scent, and crave it long after these beautiful bulbs are in season, check out my post on candles here.  

Photos courtesy of Google Images and Decorating with Blue and White by Gail Abbott-photography by Mark Scott

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  • hyacinths rock, as do paperwhites. can’t wait for my little grape hyacinths to pop in the garden – that will mean spring is coming!