Making Breakfast with McKim, Mead & White

MMW2Good Morning Lacquered Lifers. Talk about loving a set of cabinets. This kitchen is located in a McKim, Mead & White home in Newport, RI. While some of the cabinetry is original, Zuerner Design took great pains to match this original cabinetry and take inspiration from it when expanding the kitchen for the current homeowners. While the overall look of the kitchen is not my taste, there are a number of details which have caught my eye and are worth paying attention to.  Most importantly, the upper cabinets with their sliding paned doors. Sliding. So traditional, and yet in a different surrounding the concept is so modern. MMW6The legs of this farm sink. While it is not something I would ever think to do, I love the look of the exposed plumbing underneath and the turned legs make the sink feel like a piece of furniture. MMW5Back to the cabinetry, my main focus in this room, notice that those cabinets with the sliding glass doors are double sided. On one side the cabinet faces the kitchen, and on the other, the butler’s pantry, which allows the owner to access the china, crystal, etc. from both the kitchen and the butler’s pantry. Genius. I cannot wait for an opportunity to use this idea in the future.
MMWFinally, I have for a very long time had a love affair with cabinetry that continues all the way to the floor. While it may be less practical than having the recessed kick plate or shoe mold at the bottom, I think it makes the cabinetry somehow look more finished, more furniture like.

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  • The sliding panels are such a great idea! I do have to agree that not everything in this kitchen is to my taste either. There’s a lot going on and it is hard to focus on just one thing. Less patterned wallpaper would probably be a good start.