Bath Time with Jay Gatsby

Screen Shot 2015-02-02 at 10.09.09 AMGood Morning Lacquered Lifers. As a Preservation Designer, I am constantly sourcing fixtures and fittings for clients that can become a part of their historic home’s story. Story? I know that may sound strange to some, but as a preservationist, I see buildings the same way that I see people – each one has their own individual story or history that informs who they are today.  If we are lucky, in some cases with buildings that story has been documented, and we are able to piece the home’s story back together and complete a true and accurate restoration. In most cases, whatever documentation existed, if any, has been lost, and we are given the task of filling the gaps in that story and adding bits of our own … not unlike authors of historical fiction. This is often the case with practical rooms such as kitchens and baths. Perhaps the kitchen wasn’t originally in the main house – when would it have been moved? When would bathrooms have been added to the space, or in the case of some later 19th century buildings, have the bathrooms been there since the beginning?

All this being said, I am thrilled when I come across a new collection of fixtures that I can see fitting into some of my client’s home stories, and I can tell that the new DXV Collection by American Standard will definitely be a favorite. Created to celebrate American Standard’s 15th decade in business, this new luxury line of products reimagines some of the great design movements during the company’s 140 years of history. My new favorite? The Fitzgerald Collection. And surprise surprise this collection is meant to exemplify the deco lines of the 1920s.FitzgeraldPretty great looking, right? What’s even better is the price point. Despite the luxury look of these chic fixtures, the prices are extremely reasonable when featured alongside products of a comparable look. I am definitely looking forward to using these pieces in future projects. For more information on the DXV line from American Standard, visit

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