Great Collaborations: CB2 & SAIC

Good Morning Lacquered Lifers! I received my CB2 catalog this week, and upon opening it I learned that CB2 has entered into a partnership with the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. Very cool. The result? The space saving solutions of twelve SAIC students. The streamlined designs of these pieces of furniture and lighting are wonderful, but more importantly, these pieces offer some of the best in solutions to small space living that I have ever seen. How much fun would I be having with these pieces if I still lived in New York?! Bravo CB2, and congrats to the SAIC students. Below are three of my favorite pieces in the collection.CB23First up is the Cache Storage Cabinet, designed by Chester Ong. Great as a bar to eat at, a bar to drink at, and a great spot for storing just about anything. The shelves pull out on a set of rolling casters. Absolutely perfect in the small apartment kitchen. CB22Next up is the Tonic Bar Cart, designed by Zach Pino. Do I see a theme with my favorites? Corners are some of the most underused storage opportunities in a small space, and the ability to store not only your booze, but also your glassware in space that would otherwise be occupied by a constantly dying tree is phenomenal. Obviously I am a fan of the material – the lucite is a chic statement that takes up very little visual room. CB2Finally the Sling Nightstand, designed by Brooke Collins. What a great idea. I have always loved the look of those magazine stands with brass legs and leather slings, but in a small space you really don’t need one more thing cluttering your floor space. Enter the sling nightstand! Great as a nightstand or a side table, the very cool sling provides a great place to throw all those magazines that have been lying on the floor when you have friends over for drinks.

Congrats again to the students at SAIC, and way to go CB2 for a great collaboration.

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