Little Bunnies for the Table

bunny 6I have heard a lot of chatter throughout the blogosphere about the new Bunny Williams line for Ballard Designs, and when I finally checked in on it I was not surprised to find a treasure trove of entertaining pieces from one of the greats. While I loved the beautiful line of blue and white dinnerware (no surprise there), and the chic flatware, it was some of the smaller items for the tabletop that really got me excited. In particular the salt and pepper cellars and the place card holders …bunny 1I don’t know what it is about salt and pepper cellars, but I just love the concept. I love to use things like this on a typical night in with Mr. B. Don’t save all the good stuff for company! I love color of horn, perfect for fall, and the shape is wonderful. Bunny 2In the shape of leaves, these cellars would be great for a fall table – Thanksgiving anyone? Bunny 3And despite the fact that I was extremely pleased with my Easter table, these garden themed salt and pepper cellars would have been an amazing addition. Bunny 4Another piece that would have fit in extremely well on my Easter table. Or any springtime table for that matter. Bunny 5Finally, I’m pretty sure these gourd place card holders need to make an appearance on my Thanksgiving table. That’s right Lacquered Lifers, per usual I have started brainstorming my holiday table a tad too early. I’m really looking forward to Thanksgiving this year because my whole family will be joining us here in Charleston. I’m thinking of subjecting my Connecticut family to an inherently southern deep fried turkey … whaddya y’all think?

For more pieces from the Bunny Williams Collection visit Ballard Designs.

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