I Need a Tan

joa doorHello Lacquered Lifers. Today I am going to share with you some of my favorite tans/beiges/taupes from Farrow & Ball. I love their neutral colors because the differences between the colors are so subtle. In addition, the opportunity to utilize the range of finishes that Farrow & Ball offers can really make these neutrals shine … or not … I am a big fan of Dead Flat.   Now remember, colors on a paint chip and/or colors on a computer screen never look the same as colors on the wall! Farrow & Ball offers these wonderfully small sample cans which you should ALWAYS purchase in advance of the gallons in order to test the color on your walls. Happy Painting. Joa's WhiteJoa’s White

Hardwicke WhiteHardwicke WhiteOld WhiteOld White
CordCordSavage GroundSavage GroundStony GroundStony Ground

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  • Joa’s White is a fabulous neutral color, I used it in almost every room of my house. It’s amazing how different it looks from room to room. No one ever realizes its the same color until I tell them.

    1. I know Terri! It is such a great color – aren’t colors like that the best?! Thanks for stopping by xo Olivia