Across the World in Wallpaper

aranamiFarrow & Ball’s wallpaper collection for 2014 was inspired by traditional Japanese craftsmanship and are reminiscent of rural Japan. I am loving some of these new papers. One of the coolest things about Farrow & Ball’s wallpaper collections is that the papers are made using actual Farrow & Ball paints and colors, so you can have a wallpaper and trim combination that is pulls actual colors from the paper for your trim work. I think some of these new papers are really wonderful, both contemporary and traditional, as you can see in their architecture pairings in the photos. And the colors? Just fab.shouchikubai 2 Schouchikubaiyukutori 2Yukutoriamime 1Aranamiaranami 2Aranami
amime 2Amime
aranami 3AranamishouchikubaiSchouchikubaiyukutori 1Yukitori

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