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  • September 23, 2014

Good morning Lacquered Lifers! Sorry for the radio silence over the last few days – Mr. B and I are just getting back from a whirlwind couple of days in NYC. Although we have adopted Charleston as our home and embraced the Lowcountry lifestyle, New York will always be where Mr. B and I grew up and thus holds a special place for us. When we venture up to NYC, we are typically running around catching up with friends and trying to visit some of our old neighborhood haunts. Here’s a little recap before I get back to all things Lacquered Life tomorrow. IMG_6294Sant Ambroeus, the best coffee in NYC. And the best biscotti. And the best little sandwiches on brioche. And gelato. Despite the fact Sant Ambroeus now has locations in the Loews Hotel, Soho, and the West Village, I am an Upper East Sider and thus frequent the location on Madison and 78th Street. You know what’s great about your neighborhood coffee place in New York? You walk in and it is like you never left – the regulars say “long time no see” and the baristas ask you where you have been and say you have been missed. It’s like we never left …
IMG_6298My dear friends L & R just moved into a new UES apartment that is absolutely wonderful … and it has a roof terrace. What a lucky couple and what a lucky girl I was to get to hangout with friends looking at the skyline. IMG_6306Friday meant venturing out of the city to see a new client’s c. 1903 home. Finding little treasures like this made my day, and I’m so excited to be involved with this project. IMG_6318The evening meant some music and martinis at Bemelmans with Mr. B before heading to our favorite neighborhood italian restaurant with my brother and his girlfriend. What I love about Bemelmans is despite the cost of the martini they keep bringing you nuts, cape cod potato chips, and cheese straws so you can effectively eat dinner for the price of a martini. IMG_6326Finally, what would a trip to NYC be without a burger and some cottage fries at Melon’s? It wouldn’t be much of a trip at all. As always thanks for following on Instagram and here at Lacquered Life. Come back tomorrow when we will be back to our regularly scheduled programming.

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  • New York, New York: it’s a wonderful town
    the Bronx is up and the Battery’s down.
    People going down in a hole in the ground.

  • J.G. Melon! SO good. Wow, I haven’t been there in years. Might have to hit it up for a burger when I am back in a couple weeks! My mouth is watering. Looking forward to our night out! x

  • Hi there! Would you mind sharing the name of your fav neighborhood Italian restaurant?? My husband and I are headed there in 2 weeks and would love a recommendation. I haven’t been to NVY in 5 years. Thanks!

    1. Hi Cara – thanks for stopping by. We’re Upper East Siders so our favorite place is Due on Third Avenue between 79th & 80th. If you’re not staying close by, email me at [email protected] and I would be happy to provide you with some additional recommendations. xo Olivia