Cheap and Chic of the Week: Chic Christmas

Hello All! A week and a half ago, WWB and I went to get our first Christmas tree together! A big endeavor indeed, not only because we were getting our first tree together, but because it was our first tree for both of us individually. This meant that we had to go shopping for ornaments. 

This silver mistletoe ornament from Crate and Barrel was quite nice. Then we went to Gracious home and picked up some filler ornaments. But it wasn’t until we were walking home on the Upper East Side that we spied the absolute best ornaments at one of our favorite stores – Roberta Roller Rabbit
You all know how much I love their home accessories, as I have mentioned them in previous posts here and here. The tablecloths, napkins, and place mats are fabulous and some of my favorite “go to” home accessories and gifts. 

The pillows are also a favorite, WWB and I have two of these in the apartment. 
And let’s obviously not forget the thing that we all came to know and love Roberta Roller Rabbit for, her amazing beach cover ups. However, the Christmas ornaments are definitely my new favorite thing about Roberta. 
And, it gets even better, they start at $8. They are hand painted papier mache cylinders with all of our favorite Roberta Roller Rabbit patterns, in two sizes. Tres chic! 
The picture quality could be better, and you can’t see the detail of the Roberta Roller Rabbit ornaments,  but you get a sense of how the tree turned out. We couldn’t find a star or other tree-topper that we loved, so we decided to buy some ribbon and tie a large bow. We got three Roberta ornaments, but honestly I’m thinking I may have to go back for more … What do you all think? 

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  • I love NYC Christmas trees and decorations! I used to decorate our brownstone exterior with all kinds of winter greens and buying the tree on the corner always made me smile…so New Yorky! Love Roberta anything. I did a post on her this summer…love her laid back, chic style. Happy holidays.