Cheap & Chic of the Week: Organizing My Way into 2015

OrganizeGood Morning Lacquered Lifers. What is it about January and organization? The time to pull out all those things you haven’t been using and donating them to Goodwill, and deciding that many of the things in your space are in fact in the wrong place and moving them around. This year in particular, probably because of the new addition to our family, I am going a little nuts with organization. And I’m going a little basket crazy. Baskets for my work nook in the study, baskets for puppy stuff, baskets for the mail … the place is lousy with baskets. And where have I been going for all my baskets? World Market. While we have a Pottery Barn downtown where I can buy plenty of baskets, the longer drive out to World Market has definitely been worth it for the variety of baskets and the amazing prices. Below are some of my favorites.
490876_490877_MITZY_NATURAL_FAMILYThese are the Natural Mitzy Baskets. With their very structured look, these are great for shelves, or in cabinets. Great for wrangling products in the bathroom.organize 3Lidded Janina Utility baskets. These are definitely a favorite. I love the look of natural water hyacinth, and a basket with a top can be a godsend, because you can stack them. They come in three sizes, so if you a buy a set of three you can stack three chic baskets and even use them as a side table, all the while wrangling all your shelter magazines and dog toys away from the visitors eyes.489972_489973_489974_SHARA_SOUK_

Finally, the Shara Souk Baskets. I love these. I think they look like something I could buy at Calypso for three times the price. They have both a lid and handles. I bought the largest one, and I am using it in my office for files and such, and it is working out great. I might even get a smaller one and use it to cart around paint samples. And hey, if you don’t need this for storage, it would make an incredibly chic picnic basket – don’t you think?

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Friday Finds: Tin Tobacco

Tobacco_Leaf_Tin_PlateGood Morning Lacquered Lifers! Remember that post I did a while back, Chewing on Mottahedeh’s Tobbaco Leaf? I love that china pattern, as I know most of you do, but china like that isn’t exactly something you go to the store and purchase on whim. Its either a registry item, or gifted over a number of years one piece at a time … but maybe not anymore! Now you can have something in your home that gives you the look of Tobacco Leaf, without the hefty price tag. This tin plate, yes tin, is available through Furbish Studio, and features a near identical pattern to the one on Mottahedeh’s China. And at $18/plate, that’s quite the deal. And hey, they’re tin, so you could even take them on a chic picnic when the weather warms up! Happy Friday! IMG_3990

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Cheap & Chic of the Week: Slipping into Tilton Fenwick for Target

Good morning Lacquered Lifers! You know I love a good deal, and you know I love a great pattern, so it is no surprise that I am extremely pleased with the new collaboration between Target and the ladies of interior design firm Tilton Fenwick. And did you know that the “Fenwick” in Tilton Fenwick is a reference to partner Ann’s freshman year dorm at Boston College? Love a successful BC alumnus – Go Eagles! Their fabrics for Duralee are among some of my favorites, so it is no surprise that I really like their designs for Target. Oh, and did I mention that this Target collection includes a number of slipper chairs? Bestill my heart.  
TF 5

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