Books and the Recipe for my Aesthetic

There are those decorators who you wish that you could be a bit like. Rooms that you wish you could create, places you wish you could live. I have a list of decorators that I love; and whose style I hope that I can emulate. Combined, these decorators illustrate the way I would like my design aesthetic to appear … Amelia Handegan, Tom Scheerer, Darryl Carter, Albert Hadley, and Jeffrey Bilhuber. Over the weekend I bought Bilhuber’s new book, The Way Home – and its great. The interiors included are beautiful, but it is the stories behind the projects that are the most fun to hear about. Below are some Bilhuber rooms that I love.

Who do you wish you could emulate? Do you have a list of favorite decorators that combined, you feel best describes your style? 

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