A Victorian Home with a Spartan Sense of Style

First off, let me say, clearly my scanner is having some difficulty. I apologize for the green lines on the photos – but I scanned these from the November 2011 issue of World of Interiors magazine, and it seems the two do not get along. That being said, below is what I believe to be an absolutely stunning home built in 1859 in London. Originally the home of a painter, the structure had bastardized over the years when used by a charitable organization for public space. Now after a painstaking restoration, by its owner and decorator Rose Uniacke, it is in full bloom again. 

My motivation behind showing you this house is that herein lies a perfect example of the spartan decorating that I alluded to in last week’s post, Are you a Spartan? or a Victorian? I love being a spartan in rooms where the architecture speaks for itself. Although this house is much larger and much more ornate than anything I might ever live in, Uniacke allows the architecture – the mouldings, windows, fireplaces, and staircase – to be the main focus of the experience within the house.  

I can’t decide which room is my favorite in all of these, although I do love the kitchen and the bathroom (to follow). Uniacke used reclaimed marble on the floor of the kitchen. 

Again, I apologize for the scanner difficulty, it won’t happen again – but how beautiful is this house? I really do love the understated decorating, the neutral color palate and the furniture that is clearly contemporary but references the past. What a way to bring 1859 to the 21st century. 

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  • I am so in love with that house – the beautiful details, the grand proportions, the high ceilings, the history – I could go on & on! I just stumbled across your blog & have just spent the last half an hour enjoying myself reading through some old posts. I have just signed up as your latest follower & I look forward to popping back for some more creative inspiration!