Are You a Spartan? or a Victorian?

What kind of decorator are you? Do you like minimalism or do you like more “stuff”? I am never sure what type of decorating I like best, because I am constantly drawn to different things. As a preservationist, and lover of architecture, I find that certain spaces call for certain types of decorating. Typically, more modern architecture calls for more minimalist type decorating, and a traditional architecture calls for a busier look. However, that is not always the case. 

Darryl Carter, one of my favorite decorators, typically works in spaces with more traditional architecture, but he decorates with an understated minimalism using both traditional and modern furniture. What I love about his take on traditional architecture is that many people forget that historic colonial homes had very little furniture. Drapes and carpets and wallpaper and bric a brac is something that was brought on in the 19th century, and taken to the next level during the Victorian era. So when Carter decorates either an 18th century space, or a colonial revival space, he is actually decorating the space like it would have been originally. 
Here is Bunny Williams’ NYC apartment. I also love this look. Stacks of books on chairs, under tables, bookcases, flowers on the mantle, and several smaller seating arrangements. For some reason, I always love this look for a New York apartment. I don’t know what it is about our apartment in NYC, we have so little space, but I want our apartment to look more like this. And that is easy, because I have stacks of books everywhere and no shelves to put them on! 

But this, this is the ultimate. Somehow this Copenhagen living room manages to have both a minimalist appearance, as well as having tons of stuff in it. I love the stacks of paintings on the walls and the bookshelf brimming with books. And yet the room does not feel cluttered with the minimalist furniture and doors opening to the outside … I love it. Also helps that this house sports 12 over 12 windows, my fave. What do you think? What type of decorator are you? 

Images via,, and Marie Claire Maison Italia

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  • I love both.
    I love DC’s work as well as Bunny’s work and I could be so happy in the house in Denmark too.
    Editing is hard. I love stacks of books.
    I struggle with this- as I want to be more minimal and have less- but I have to much stuff. I look back at my apartment published a few years back and I am horrified by the amounts of things. It is very different and much more minimal now. I think that I like it more now. But I liked it with all of the stuff years ago too.
    Struggle here.