Wonderful Wasserschloss

Scan 6I do love a stark white interior. And you all know how much I love minimalism in an historic home. So this historic home checks some of my favorite boxes. This is a 16th Century German water castle, or Wasserschloss, located in the Lower Rhine area of Germany. Scan 7Originally built as a fortified structure surrounded by moats or other bodies of water, water castles were later transitioned into stately homes for the upper classes and the water surrounding them simply became part of the landscape design. While this home retains its moat, interestingly enough, today many of the moats and bodies of water surrounding these historic structures have been drained because of the damage the water causes to the foundations of the buildings. Scan 1In the sunroom, the owners Michael Packenius and Doris Zehr have added a reclaimed Versailles parquet floor and enlarged the windows so that they may be opened to the garden. Scan
Scan 5Scan 2The oven is a La Canche, one of my favorite brands. Scan 4In this photo you can see one of the early leaded glass windows of the castle. Scan 3Photos via Elle Decor Country Volume 4

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