A Lot of Living to Do

Vogue Living that is. As much as I adore the usual shelter magazines, as well as all of the wonderful online magazines that are now available, I keep coming back to the three foreigners: Vogue Living, Elle Decoration & Marie Claire Maison. I don’t know if its my love of historic architecture (all three have it in bulk) or whether I just love the eclectic nature of these magazines, but I can’t get enough. Trouble is, here in Philadelphia they are hard to find, and are always a few months behind. Below are some of my favorite images from Vogue Living Jan/Feb 2011 issue. 
Tawlet Restaurant – Beirut, Lebanon
Lazara Rosa-Violan’s Home – Barcelona, Spain
Craig Bassam & Scott Fellows’ Phillip Johnson designed Home – New Canaan, CT
Neisha Crosland’s Home – London, UK
… and another 
Orangerie at Moet & Chandon Vineyard – Champagne region, France

What do you think? I think pretty great. These are just a sampling of some of my favorite pictures from the magazine. I love the variety of locations: Lebanon, London, France, and Connecticut! Which photo is your favorite? Do you have a favorite less than mainstream magazine? 

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  • Love the top photo of the Tawlet Restaurant as well as the Phillip Johnson house. The first because I love love love an assortment of framed pictures on the wall. I am hoping to do this in a home some day. The second because, well, it’s Phillip Johnson.

    Great blog! Just came across it. Good to see another historic preservation girl out there! I am still an undergrad, but planning on historic preservation for grad school.