Mother Knows Best

I don’t understand why these photos have not been on every single blog that I read! I have probably seen only one of these photos once, I believe at The Peak of Chic. For those of you who haven’t seen them, my mother called me demanding that I go pick up the latest issue of Town & Country and see for myself what Tom Scheerer has done at the Lyford Cay Club. We all know that I am a Scheerer fan, however, this redecoration for this famous old world club may be his best stuff yet. I love every room, every photo, every choice … and I hope you do too! (I apologize for the quality of the pics, my scanner has been acting up lately). I think these photos attest to the fact that one should always always listen to their mother–what if I had never seen these!? Love you mom! Enjoy! – and as usual, would love to hear your thoughts!

Aren’t these amazing? Bamboo, pineapples, Quadrille, rattan, palm trees, and navy blue–doesn’t get much better than this! I hope it entices you to go pick up the latest issue of Town & Country. Makes me wanna take a little vacation … too bad the club is members only! And thanks again to my Mom … what do you all think?  

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