Those Rooms

Last night my mother and I got to talking about “Those Rooms.” You know exactly what I’m talking about. Those feats of interior design that have somehow struck you over the years and have stuck with you. Those rooms that every time you look at a picture of them you are constantly amazed by how the designer saw the relationship between two fabrics or two furniture styles that when put together in context looks absolutely perfect. And there are “those decorators” who are typically associated with the creation of “those rooms:” Sister Parish, Albert Hadley, David Hicks, Billy Baldwin, Mark Hampton, Dorothy Draper… 

Brooke Astor’s Red Lacquered Library, 778 Park Avenue, Albert Hadley

Victorian Writing Room, Greenbriar Inn, Dorothy Draper

The reason that my mother and I got to talking about all this is that we are pretty sure that the living room at the Lyford Cay Club designed by Tom Scheerer is going to become one of “those rooms.” I know that I posted about it already, but it has literally grabbed both myself and my mother, and won’t let go! 

Living Room, Lyford Cay Club, Tom Scheerer

What do you think? Did you love this room? What rooms grab you and won’t let go? 

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  • I’ve never seen that photo of the greenbrier before. I have to say, the other photos seemed a little overdone but this one is really really beautiful. Those three colors together are so striking and classic at the same time.