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TMagNolaGood Morning Lacquered Lifers. By now you all have seen (a million times) the T Magazine piece on Sara Ruffin Costello and Paul Costello’s New Orleans Garden District home. I have seen it a million times as well, but I keep coming back to it. Obviously for the architecture – their Italianate home was built in 1868, and my Greek Revival Italianate mix built in 1873, but for the lifestyle. There is a comment in the article that Sara makes about living in New Orleans, which just about hits the nail on the head about how Mr. B and I live in Charleston. ” The other thing I love here is blending with all age groups, we hang out with a lot of older people here.” For a long time, this part of our lifestyle here in Charleston has been one of our favorite things. Age has never been a barrier to entry at a party we have been invited to, or a party we have hosted. TMagNola 5Sara also mentions what it has been like moving into a home with so much history, even history for those still living … now that we have moved to New Street, stories about our house keep coming back to us, and people have been eager to reminisce about all the wonderful times they spent here with the previous owners … who had a tenure of 52 years. TMagNola 3It seems that us northerners, Costellos and Brocks, have really lucked out with our transitions to the South, and to our homes filled with history. I look forward to getting our renovation started, and to uncovering more of the stories that the Louis Barbot house has to share. TMagNola 4 TMagNola 2 TMagNola 6

Photos via T Magazine 

Schafer & Bielecky

Lake PlacidGood Morning Lacquered Lifers … and good morning Gil Schafer. As most of you are aware, I have always been a fan of architect Gil Schafer’s work. He does a beautiful job renovating historic houses, as well as building new “old” houses. Case in point, this stunning “great camp” inspired Lake Placid house. Gil, if I ever owned a lake house, I would imagine it to look just like this one. While the design and architecture of this home are phenomenal, something else caught my attention … the rattan furniture on the porch.Lake Placid 2Bielecky Brothers. Manufacturing wicker, cane, and rattan pieces in Queens since 1903, Bielecky Brothers is the industry leader in natural woven furniture. Famous designers such as Billy Baldwin have designed pieces for Bielecky Brothers. And frankly, if one were to ask what I wanted the piazza at New Street to look like (whenever we actually get to the point in the project when we’re doing furniture) I would paint to this photo – no question. So thank you Architectural Digest, and thank you Gil Schafer

Photos via Architectural Digest

A True Jewel Box

Good Morning Lacquered Lifers! It is always the most wonderful feeling when you are flipping through a design magazine and you come across something that you absolutely love, and that is so familiar. Such was the case when I came across jewelry designer Janet Porcher Gregg’s 18th century Charleston cottage in this month’s issue of House Beautiful. I wont lie, I purchased the magazine because Gregg’s home was on the cover, and was eager to see what the crew at HB made of one of my favorite places in Charleston. JPG 2

Janet is a dear dear friend of mine. She is one of the first people I met when I moved to Charleston (for the first time) in 2007 straight out of college. I moved here to intern at Drayton Hall, but as it paid nothing, I also worked as Janet’s assistant. That working relationship was one of the most inspiring I have ever had, (not surprising when you see the photos of her cottage), and as a result she has remained a close friend. In fact, I credit Janet Gregg with introducing me to the wonders of paint and DIY, and often credit her with the founding of Lacquered Life. Needless to say an inspirational person in my life. JPG 3JPG 4JPG 5JPG 6

I have spent many a wonderful evening in that cottage – cocktails, dinner – always the BEST time. Janet has a knack for entertaining that I don’t believe is something that can be learned. I have met most of my favorite people in Charleston over dinner or cocktails at Janet’s, always with a martini or cosmo in my hand, the other crunching on cornichons that are consistently part of her bountiful cocktail platters. So let’s raise a glass to Janet Porcher Gregg, and her one of a kind cottage. JPG7

Photos via House Beautiful, for more photos and an interview click here

Building with Blue

WOIGood Morning Lacquered Lifers. Villa Templa Mare, Ravello. I just want to dive into this floor. Built in the 1920s by architect Giulio Barluzzi on the ruins of a nineteenth century church as his family’s summer residence. The tiles on the floor are from Vietri sul Mare. These particular tiles are called pennellato, each tile is hand painted with large brushes in order to evenly spread the color. These tiles are actually not original to Barluzzis design, but he replaced the floors throughout with them in the 1940s. WOI 3 WOI 2I love how the tiles mimic the turquoise of the mediterranean in the distance. While we all may not be able to import tiles from the Amalfi Coast for our homes, we can use paint. Below, one of my all time favorite paint colors, Benjamin Moore’s Caribbean Blue Water, which will make you feel like you’re floating on the Mediterranean everyday. Screen Shot 2015-07-07 at 11.20.53 AM

Photos of Villa Templa Mare via World of Interiors