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Good Morning Lacquered Lifers. As a kid in the late 80’s and early 90s in Los Angeles, I remember going to Pottery Barn with my mom.  As its name would suggest, back then Pottery Barn was a store that sold dishware and glassware.  Today there are so many companies to choose from when purchasing dishware that I rarely find myself looking to Pottery Barn. This morning I was happy to find an email in my inbox letting me know that Pottery Barn was offering 20% off all china, and free shipping – and there are some exceptionally good looking dishes to choose from. Below are some of my favorites. pb 4First up are the Spring Blossom Salad Plates – $39.50/set of four. Cannot beat that price, and the pattern has quite a vintage quality to it. Looks like something that you might find on a breakfast table in a 1960s/70s kitchen. Pretty fab. pb 3Next up are the Leon Bowls – $11.50 ea. Inspired by Guatemalan pottery, these graphic bowls would be great paired with some simple white or blue plates. Or great as a featured plate for a meal of hearty winter soup or chili! pb 2I love these Zamora Dinner Plates – $46/set of four. I don’t have any dishes this color, and have been eyeing a lot of it recently, This rust color is a great winter color, and also something that would look great on a holiday or Thanksgiving table. pb 1Finally, my favorite, the Elsie Dinnerware. Reminiscent of traditional Delftware, this blue and white pattern is sure to be a staple on your dining room table for years to come. Dress it up, dress it down – you cannot go wrong the floral motif on these plates. They’re timeless. Dishwasher safe and a  fraction of the cost of true Delftware – $120.50/16 piece set – you could buy more than you need just in case you drop one.

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That’s My Jamb

jamb 9Good Morning Lacquered Lifers. This month, World of Interiors featured the latest project by Will Fisher, the founder of the famed UK-based fireplace and reproduction company, Jamb. Having been a big fan of Jamb’s products for a while, I was thrilled to see Fisher’s latest project. Located in the East End of London, this house was quite derelict when they found it – inhabited by squatters, with a vacant commercial space on the ground floor, it took a lot of vision to see the potential in this property.  jamb 1The partition between the living and dining rooms on the first floor was designed by Fisher and built on site. Although the turn-of-the century building was not under the protection of the Spitalfields Trust, unlike so many of its neighboring buildings, the Trust was extremely helpful in making recommendations – which included that of the joiner that built the glazed partition. 
jamb 4The paneling is not original to the house. Fisher had the paneling added throughout, which contributes just the right amount of character to each space. In this photo, the beauty of the original floors really stand out against the creamy paneling. 
jamb 5In an upstairs bath, the buttery color of this vintage tub is the perfect counterpoint to the gray-green of the paneled walls. Looking closely, I believe those shower fittings are Catchpole & Rye – one of my personal favorites.jamb 8In one of the bedrooms, the mantel was custom made using Peacock’s Eye marble. So incredibly chic. And looking to the right in this photo, you can catch a glimpse of the built in cabinetry that lines the small hallway to the bathroom – I so appreciate his use of furniture pulls on the drawers.

For more photos and information of this project, check out World Of Interiors January 2016 issue, or visit the Jamb Blog 

photos via Jamb Blog

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