Working My Way Back to You

  • Life
  • October 14, 2016

Hi Lacquered Lifers. Long time no see. I know the last time we chatted I made big promises of being back in action … a promise that has remained unfulfilled. Well I’m here now to tell you I’ve been missing all of you, and this space, and from now on I promise to make a concerted effort to be here as often as possible. Thanks to all of you, my loyal readers, work at Torrance Mitchell Designs has been incredibly busy (thankfully), and Mr. B and I are looking forward to (hopefully) beginning some work at Barbot House in early 2017 – a project I know that most of you are eager to see progress. Look out for some new posts next week, and in the meantime check out some of the new additions to the Piazza section of the blog. This is an area that I hope to keep populated with some of my favorite things I have been using and loving both personally and in my projects. And if you aren’t already doing so, follow along with @lacqueredlife on Instagram


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