Zero Worries at Zero George

IMG_8824Good Morning Lacquered Lifers. Slowly but surely Mr. B and the pups and I are getting settled here at New Street … not too settled, of course, as we prepare to embark on a renovation, but settled enough that it feels like home. The night before we closed on New Street, however, we were not so settled, as all of our furniture had been moved out of Church Street, so we decided to have a little “staycation” and head over to Zero George for the evening. Upon our arrival at Zero George, the staff asked us how our move was going! That attention to detail and courteousness, coupled with the complementary wine and cheese in our room, was enough for Mr. B and I to immediately decide that we should extend our stay another night … and we had been there all of 20 minutes. IMG_9356

We stayed for two luxurious nights, enjoyed two lovely breakfasts in the courtyard, and one truly amazing dinner as well. Despite our physical and emotional stress over moving from Church Street to New Street, the two nights at Zero George truly helped us relax and unwind amidst the chaos. We stayed for two nights, in two different rooms ( I wanted to check out all the spaces so I could report back), and both rooms were absolutely lovely. Soothing gray tones in the rooms, good lighting, comfortable beds, and cushy robes. Wonderful. In addition, the setting at Zero George, while it feels so very Charlestonian, also feels very European, with the four buildings surrounding a lush courtyard. You can also enjoy cocktails on the piazza of the main building, or on the piazza outside your room!

Only two of my photos really turned out well (the two above), so for the additional photos below, I rely on the photographic skills of Jamie Beck and Kevin Burg of Ann Street Studio (a favorite). 
ZeroGeorge ZeroGeorge_01 ZeroGeorge_03Next time you plan a visit to Charleston, I strongly suggest a stay at Zero George and get a real feeling for the hospitality that the Holy City is known for.

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