Vive la France!

Not to dwell on the topic of smells too much, but they are so important to the design of a space–with an inspired wall color, sumptuous fabrics, chic candles, a cool playlist, and good hors d’oeuvres, a guest is using all five senses to experience your home! In my opinion, Seda France makes the most amazing candles on the market. The signature Pagoda Box candles come in a wonderful variety of scents, so there is definitely a scent for everyone. Hyacinth is by far my favorite.

At a cost of only $32, these candles undercut much of the “candle competition,” and they’re the only candle whose packaging is a decorative objet in itself. The chic chinoiserie box with its gold tassel is too pretty to throw away — the packaging for my Hyacinth candle lives on a shelf in my bathroom and adds a nice hit of teal to the space!

For those of you who are on a tight budget this year (I’m a student!), these votive size candles are a perfect choice! Currently on sale for $10, these allow you to scatter the scent throughout your home, and offer up to 15 hours of burn time per votive. These also make excellent hostess gifts for all those holiday parties this season — what hostess wouldn’t want to receive such a special treat? (And remember, keep that box!)

There are even travel sized candles, on sale individually for $6, which make wonderful stocking stuffers, and travel extremely well for those instances where a hotel room doesn’t quite feel like home. Obviously these don’t come with a box, so I would always advise buying the votives if you are planning on using it in your home — you get a little more for your money.

Finally, for those of you who have the money to spend, and who love Seda France as much as I do, this three-wick candle, at a cost of $42, is the one for you! With a burn time of over 70 hours, this candle will be scenting your environs for many evenings to come. Happy Smelling!

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