Think Pink!

Everywhere I look I see pale pink peonies!–and I absolutely adore them. Not the dark pink, not any other color, simply the pale pink, almost white, peonies.  At the wedding I attended in Charleston two weeks ago, peonies were the flower in the table arrangements, and they looked so beautiful. 
Peonies say spring and early summer to me, part of the reason I love them is probably the time of year that they are in season! You have heard me talk about flowers that I love in previous posts … hyacinths, paperwhites … but peonies are right up there with those two flowers. I love how big and free form they are. 
I love putting peonies together in short arrangements (as seen here). The beautiful blossoms create gorgeous mounds of that pale pale pink that is absolutely to die for! Over the weekend I bought some peonies and arranged them in a Ball jar, and I love how the short arrangement looks! They are great for a bedside table.  
House Beautiful
So go out and get some peonies for your home and let them brighten up your day … I bought a beautiful bouquet for only $10 at the deli around the corner, and they are great. I am pretty sure that I have said it before, but decorating with flowers is really cheap and easy and they can make such a huge difference in a space. 

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