Put on a Skirt!

I am so sorry that I have been so lax in my posting. I think I finally have the hang of the internship after this first week … so look forward to tons of posts to come!

I would say that much of the chaos that has lead to me not posting has been trying to get myself moved in at W’s apt. Where as I am not one of those girls with loads of clothes and shoes, W is (well, a boy that is). We have had quite the struggle getting my things to fit into his apartment. And then last night, while I was cursing the depth of the drawers in his antique dresser, it dawned on me … the man has absolutely no storage. Well, yes, he has a closet, and of course one small dresser and a desk … but there isn’t a single bookshelf in the whole apartment! It’s not so much that I am struggling to find a place to put clothes, its that I’m struggling to find a place to put “things.” Like a jewelry box, my second pair of sunglasses, the little box filled with my business cards, my camera. You know, all those “things” that need little drawers and little shelves so that they can be put away!?! Well I am struggling for that space … however, I may have solved the problem.
Now, now, now, I know what you all are thinking… ugh lacquered life!–that girl has had too much time off … but please, you all know me better than that. This All Purpose Shelf Table from Wisteria is $149, and has a great little nook for putting “stuff.” 
This beveled glass top, also at Wisteria, is $79. 
Add this chic $99 belgian linen table cloth, and voila! 

A cute table that can be used to store all of those really annoying little things that have nowhere to go!  Now I know what you’re thinking … $149 +$79 + $99 = $327. I have not struck it rich either, do not worry. But I have a thought … 
Jefferson Driftwood linen at Calico Corners, $23.99/yard = $48
Arrow Fastener Mini Glue Gun at Home Depot = $4.97 … which brings the grand total to $93, to have a chic entry way table! Now, granted I did not factor in a beveled glass top, b/c I don’t think you need it, and you will have to hem the edges of the fabric, but other than that, you should be able to make an amazing little side table or entry way table for storing all sorts of good stuff!
Photos courtesy of Grant K. Gibson “the Blog”  
You could even add some grosgrain trim with your glue gun, like Grant Gibson did in his San Francisco Apartment. In his apartment he uses a table and skirt to hide things underneath … a little differently than my bookcase scheme, but in a similar vein! The moral of this story is that there is absolutely nothing that a good table skirt cannot hide. Period. 

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  • That is so funny, halfway down the post I was wondering does she know GG ???
    That looks like his apt!

    Love the creativity and the ingenuity.

  • The best part of all for me for this post was that I was just looking at your blog and then I thought- wow- that desk looks like mine and then it was! Too funny. Thank you for writing and including me and for also sharing the love of things skirted!

  • Chic Geek – will keep you updated!

    La Maison Fou – Thanks so much!

    Grant – Glad you enjoyed the shout out! After reading what you had to say in “The Last Word” this month, you should check out my dimmers post from a few months ago!-seems we’re on the same page!