Stairways to Heaven

Hello All. So yesterday I got a brace put on my leg for some stress fractures that I have been putting off dealing with. Of course the minute it gets nice outside I am strapped into a boot! Anyway, I am now starting to realize what an issue this is going to be … let’s just start with my 4th floor walkup apartment. So with stairs on the brain, I picked out some favorites in the hope that they will motivate me to get better and to go slowly when climbing my own! 

Windsor Smith – Elle Decor

Key West – Traditional Home

Victoria Hagan – Elle Decor

Sag Harbor – Elle Decor

Traditional Home

Miami Beach – Elle Decor

Greenwich Village – Elle Decor

Normandy – Elle Decor

Houghton Hall, The Great Staircase – Norfolk, UK

James Huniford – Elle Decor

Elle Decor

Steven Gambrel – Elle Decor

And saving the absolute best for last … 
Drayton Hall – Charleston, SC

Which is your favorite? And which inspires you to climb the most stairs? 

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  • Perfect images! Would you believe I have done the same…not fractures, however severe sprain/bruises and in an air cast for walking!

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    Art by Karena