Francophile or Patriot?

Traditional Home
Or both? Don’t you just love the combination of statue of liberty and eiffel tower statuettes on this mantel? I know I do. And then the addition of what looks like an Abraham Lincoln bust is fantastic. This mantel and its medallions is so traditional, especially coupled with the historic blue color, but the photograph above it and the slate surround give it that hit of modernity. What do you think? Are you a francophile? 

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  • I am, as I am part French! I have a small collection of Eiffel Towers friends bring back from Paris,and I adore them!!

    Come and enter to win my Spring “Green “ Gift”.

    Art by Karena

  • Thank you all for stopping by! So glad you enjoyed this fun little post!
    Karena – would love to see that collection, sounds fab!
    Nancy – don’t you love that photo? it looks like Queens or something!
    Hamptontoes – I am sooo jealous of your paris trip! Take fab photos and share with all of us!
    I hope you all will become followers of the blog! xo O

  • My husband is part French and I blame all his faults on that….being French of course, means he has very few! HA HA!
    I keep le tour Eiffel on the kitchen window sill to remind me of a fabulous anniversary trip to Paris!
    Love your blog!