Southern Stars

Clearly I am really in need of a vacation–just a short trip to a warmer climate!  If Monday’s post weren’t enough of an indication, then coupled with today’s posting it is quite obvious.  Thinking about architecture and warm climates today, I came across a wonderful book in the library, Deco Delights by Barbara Baer Capitman, about South Beach art deco architecture. This book is full of gorgeous pictures of South Beach’s art deco gems, mostly hotels, that really put me in the mood for warm weather and bikinis! 
I don’t know what it is about these buildings, but I feel as though a classic Hollywood screen siren is going to stroll out wearing a chic floppy hat and sunglasses to lounge on the beach, cocktail in hand.  Although classically vintage, the buildings’ clean lines and bold color choices make them feel current and hip. They are the epitome of cool. 
Although I have only been to Miami once, Ocean Drive and its famous deco hotels was my first stop.  For a warm weather vacation with a prevalence of historic hotels, South Beach might just be the place for you!

photos courtesy of Barbara Baer Capitman and Steven Brooke in Deco Delights 

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  • Oh those are great! The last two in particular- I love both the Mediterranean color scheme on the Taft, and the total lack of color on the Governor! I haven’t been down to Florida yet myself,(I keep ending up back in CA!) maybe I need to make that more of a priority!
    – Meg

  • WOW! I’ve never been to Florida and the only reason I’d want to go is to see these wonderful hotels. I hope they’re in a historic area so that they don’t get torn down.