Shaping the Future

Dulles International Airport, Chantilly, VA

Back from Charleston, and had the most wonderful trip–although the weather was not as warm as I would have hoped, just being in that city is so rejuvinating. So happy to be in New York, and still on winter break, I went to one of my favorite museums, the Museum of the City of New York to see the exhibit Eero Saarinen: Shaping the Future.

TWA Terminal, JFK International Airport, Jamaica, Queens, NY
St. Louis Gateway Arch

Yale Whale or Ingalls Hockey Rink, Yale University, New Haven, CT

Although an amazing and prolific architect, designing such striking buildings as the TWA terminal at JFK, the St. Louis Gateway Arch, and the Yale Whale, interior designers recognize him for his furniture, the result of a partnership with Knoll Associates.
Saarinen “Tulip” Chair for Knoll Associates

Saarinen “Tulip” Chairs and Armchairs for Knoll Associates

Saarinen “Pedestal” Table for Knoll Associates

Saarinen “Pedestal” Dining and Side Tables for Knoll Associates

For a few years now, these tables and chairs have begun to appear everywhere. With their smooth, uncluttered lines, and variety of finishes, these tables and chairs are a great addition to any space. When he created the tables, Saarinen said that he wanted to “clear up the slum of legs in the U.S. home”–and that he did. Although the tables and chairs are quite modern, the placement of a Saarinen side table next to a more traditionally upholstered side chair is the perfect contrast–one’s whole apartment doesn’t have to be decorated like the Jetsons to use these fabulous pieces of furniture.
Jonathan Adler in House Beautiful

Deborah Needleman in Domino

David Netto in House Beautiful

Aaron Hom in House Beautiful

These interiors, by Jonathan Adler, Deborah Needleman, David Netto, and Aaron Hom, all showcase a Saarinen table in a different size or finish, and all look stunning. However, the problem with lusting after a Saarinen table is the price. At Design Within Reach, the smallest table in the least expensive finish starts at around $1500.00! — although something I may be able to look forward to in the future, it is currently not in the cards. For those of you “lacquered lifers” who feel as though I have made you hopeful and now crushed your dreams, do not despair! I would not lead you on like that without a solution.

The table seen here is available at Ikea for the bargain price of $149.00! Although Ikea does not offer side tables in their “Docksta” line, this dining table should satisfy your craving for cool while you start doing lemonade stands in order to save for a real Saarinen table.

This Ikea “Jakob” chair, for $139.00, while not an exact replica of a tulip chair, will give the same aesthetic as in the dining room by Aaron Hom, when paired with the “Docksta” table. However, I think that $139 is a bit expensive for a chair, and I would try and find something cheaper instead and experiment with lacquering it a cool color!

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