Schumacher Celebrates

schumacher 2I’m not a fashion maven, so when the NY Times Style Magazine arrived this weekend I was thrilled to find an article on Schumacher, one of my favorite fabric houses. As most of you know, I covered two slipper chairs in my living room in Schumacher’s Pyne Hollyhock Chintz, a fabric that I had lusted after for a very long time, and since then and the success of that fabric, I have found myself being just as inclined to explore what Schumacher has to offer as I am with Quadrille. Schumacher 3This weekend’s article was about the arrival of Dara Caponigro as Creative Director, and some of the historic fabrics that Schumacher will be pulling from the archives to reissue this fall in time for the fabric house’s 125th anniversary. I couldn’t be more excited for the reissue of the fabrics in the photos above. Dorothy Draper’s Manor Rose, and Josef Frank’s Citrus Garden. schumacherFinally Indian Arbre, seen here as the wallpaper in this bathroom, layered on top of Valkryie Flame Stitch. Schumacher has a long history and played an important role in the availability of upholstery fabric to both upper and middle class Americans. Their fabric archives are one of the largest of its kind, and I look forward to seeing more and more reissued historic fabrics as they celebrate their 125 years. For the full T Magazine article click here.

Photos via T Magazine

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