Goin’ to California in My Mind

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  • August 21, 2014

I have had California on the brain a lot recently. The current issue of Town & Country has been dubbed the L.A. issue, my cousin Serena just moved back to NYC from L.A., and my friend Chassity is spending this weekend in the city of angels. Needless to say I feel like my mind is being invaded by Los Angelenos. What many of you may not know is that I moonlighted as a Los Angeleno in my formative years. When I was four, my family moved to L.A. for four years for my father’s work (he produces tv commercials), and we lived there until I was eight. I remember trips to the beach in Santa Monica, shopping at the Brentwood country mart, and the time Michael Keaton opened the door for me at Baskin Robbins and my 6 year old self looked up at him and said “thanks Batman.” While I loved growing up in Connecticut from eight years on, lately I have been craving some California time. Some L.A. time to be specific. Tower 3You all know that I am a sucker for old Hollywood glamour, and nothing says glamour like the Sunset Tower Hotel. A very chic and very exclusive apartment building during Hollywood’s golden era, this building has housed everyone from Elizabeth Taylor to Mae West. What I wouldn’t give to spend a night in this building – think of all the stories it could tell! Here are  some photos of the chic terrace at the hotel and the Tower Bar which is always a veritable who’s who of Hollywood on a given evening. Charge it please! Terrace 3 Terrace 1 Tower 1 Terrace 2 Tower 2

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