Scape Smitten

I am completely smitten with this Tennessee landscape that was recently featured in Elle Decor. I have never been particularly interested in gardens or gardening, but now that we’re in Charleston I am trying to beautify my own garden. I have always loved the symmetry and clean lines of boxwood hedges in different shapes and sizes – as in the third picture. But I also love the free-flowing nature of some of the grasses in the final photo. Those flowering trees are absolutely beautiful. The hard thing about Charleston for me is that we are in a tropical location. So much of the gardens that I love are English, or located up North. So now I am trying to focus my attentions to gardens down South … But unfortunately, even this one is in a different zone than we are in downtown. So maybe I have to look to the caribbean for my inspiration. But for now, I’ll sigh and look at this one … 

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