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  • July 23, 2012
As I have said before, I am not particularly “artsy”. I probably don’t know enough about art, and I can honestly say that my taste goes more in line with a decorating style than with an interest in art. However, there are a few artists and styles that I definitely like, and I think that art can make a major impact on the tone of a room. In our master bedroom we have Benjamin Moore Gray Owl on the walls, heavy cream linen curtains, and bedding which is gray/blue/white. WWB says he sleeps better in this room than anywhere else he has ever slept, and I think it has something to do with the serene nature of the room, and that includes its artwork. I have several pieces in the room already, and I am looking for art for one more spot. 
This piece, and the one following it are by Megan Aline. She is an artist based out of Charleston, and one that I am lucky enough to know. We already own several paintings of Megan’s, including a triptych in the bedroom. I love this “house” series that she has been working on recently, particularly the sky in both of these paintings. I think they would work really well in this room. 

This painting, and the one following, are by Adam Hall, an artist that is represented in the gallery owned by Megan Aline and her husband, Robert Lange, who is also an accomplished artist. We don’t own any of Adam’s work yet, but again I love the sky in both these paintings … it almost feels as though it is moving. Either of these paintings would be something I would be happy to fall asleep to.  

This painting, and the two following, are by Stephen Hoedecker. He is represented by Ingram Fine Art in Charleston, but he lives in New Hampshire. I’m sure it is pretty obvious what I love about his artwork – he really captures all things Americana as well as the romance of older buildings. Very simple, very beautiful, very expensive. Don’t think I will be having a Hoedecker any time soon, but a girl can dream, right?  

This painting, and the one following it, are actually done by my mother’s best friend, Dani Renchard. She is based out of Connecticut and is available through several places in the area including Good Food Good Things. Again, the simplicity of her work, and her choices of color are truly beautiful. A Dani Renchard original would certainly look beautiful in our master bedroom in Charleston, or anywhere in our house for that matter!
Do you have an artist that you love? Or do you simply love art for its ability to transform a room? 

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