Paying for Planting

Planters4If you’re anything like me, you have always dreamed of owning a Chateau de Versailles Tree Box from Jardins du Roi Soleil, seen here on the left. Or more recently, after perusing the May issue of Elle Decor, I discovered a new planter to love, the Dutch Planter by Pennoyer Newman, seen here on the right. The only issue here is that the Tree box is upwards of $2,000 and the Dutch Planter is upwards of $1,000. Now, I love these planters, but I don’t know that I love them that much. Portraits, InteriorsEnter my wonderful contractor George, who was happy to build me some little boxes for our boxwood. They’re no Chateau de Versailles Tree Box, but I love them just the same. Now if you don’t have someone like George to build you some planters, I honestly think Terrain has some of the most beautiful planters right now. Cube Plant BasketLike this Cube Plant Basket. How chic is this? lattice box planterOr these Lattice Box Planters? Perfect for the Francophile! zinc pailOr how about these really cool Zinc Pail Planters? Very vintage modern. My girl Chassity over at Look Linger Love used these on her porch, and they look fab. You can get all of these planters from Terrain for under $200. I know that isn’t free, but it isn’t $1000, and Terrain often has some really great sales …

Church Street photo by Francesco Lagnese

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    1. Nancy this is fab! What a find! I hope you have blogged about this … Even better if you buy it in the natural and get to pick your color. Thanks for sharing! xo

  • I think I like the simplicity of your planter versus the two more expensive ones. I love the cube plant basket. I just noticed your porch lantern. Would you share your source?

  • Thanks for posting Terrain sales idea! I often browse the store here in CT and coveted a couple things that I now see on steep discount on their website!

    1. Always check the website – but I do love visiting the Westport store – it’s such a nice experience! Hope all is well Ali, thanks for stopping by! xo O

    1. Hi Deb, thanks for stopping by! Do you have a big renovation to do? Tupper Builders is a great company. I’m very lucky that I did an 18 month long renovation with them, because as a result I have guys like George who are willing to make me planters!

      1. Thanks for getting back to me! I just moved back to charleston 12 weeks ago. We have several projects -kitchen, butlers pantry, guest house et al. I love your blog and also follow you on Instagram! My handle is the fiercehuntswoman. I am an antique and estate jewelry dealer. Keep up the good work. I look for your posts daily. Thanks again and take care! Deb brown–

  • I would love to know the color of paint on your house. I’m trying to choose an exterior color and love, love yours.