Cheap & Chic of the Week: Deals on Dishes

Good Morning Lacquered Lifers. As a kid in the late 80’s and early 90s in Los Angeles, I remember going to Pottery Barn with my mom.  As its name would suggest, back then Pottery Barn was a store that sold dishware and glassware.  Today there are so many companies to choose from when purchasing dishware that I rarely find myself looking to Pottery Barn. This morning I was happy to find an email in my inbox letting me know that Pottery Barn was offering 20% off all china, and free shipping – and there are some exceptionally good looking dishes to choose from. Below are some of my favorites. pb 4First up are the Spring Blossom Salad Plates – $39.50/set of four. Cannot beat that price, and the pattern has quite a vintage quality to it. Looks like something that you might find on a breakfast table in a 1960s/70s kitchen. Pretty fab. pb 3Next up are the Leon Bowls – $11.50 ea. Inspired by Guatemalan pottery, these graphic bowls would be great paired with some simple white or blue plates. Or great as a featured plate for a meal of hearty winter soup or chili! pb 2I love these Zamora Dinner Plates – $46/set of four. I don’t have any dishes this color, and have been eyeing a lot of it recently, This rust color is a great winter color, and also something that would look great on a holiday or Thanksgiving table. pb 1Finally, my favorite, the Elsie Dinnerware. Reminiscent of traditional Delftware, this blue and white pattern is sure to be a staple on your dining room table for years to come. Dress it up, dress it down – you cannot go wrong the floral motif on these plates. They’re timeless. Dishwasher safe and a  fraction of the cost of true Delftware – $120.50/16 piece set – you could buy more than you need just in case you drop one.

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