On a Mission to Samarkand

Peter Dunham is an LA based designer, with a shop on La Cienega called Hollywood at Home, and a textile line that is to die for – which I mentioned in a post this spring called Grey Weather, Colored Fabrics. His look is very American, and yet very eclectic, almost a west coast version of Tom Scheerer, who most of you know is one of my absolute favorite designers. Dunham grew up in France and Spain, and went to school in the UK before moving to the United States, which probably explains his “eclectic” sensibility.

One of the great things about most of Peter Dunham’s projects is that they feature the textiles that comprise the line that he started in 2005. You all know from my previous post that I love the Fig Leaf fabric, pictured here, however, I have a new favorite … and one that I’m hoping to use in our dining room here in Charleston.

This is called Samarkand, which comes in a number of color ways, this one being Blue/Red. This fabric is huge, the repeat is 25″! I am convinced that it would make amazing curtains for the dining room; and having curtains this bold might make it easier for me to avoid a rug. I really don’t want to cover up the floors.

I also love the Blue/Brown color way – I think in my dining room I am looking for something more bold, however, this is still very cool.

At first I struggled to find a picture of Samarkand curtains to show you – but here they are. Lisa, at A Bloomsbury Life put Samarkand curtains in her living room. How wonderful. These are the Blue/Green color way. They look so chic, don’t they? Great blogging minds think alike – thank you Lisa! I will let you know how this whole Samarkand mission unfolds … I have to convince Mr. B that these are the way to go … 


photos courtesy of peterdunham.com and A Bloomsbury Life

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