A Couple of Extra Cups

Remember on Monday I told you all that I meant to have Mint Julep cups as the water glasses on my Thanksgiving table? And that they didn’t arrive in time? Well, since I didn’t use them on my table – and I have 12 – it would be nice to figure out a way to use them all the other days of the year. While we all are well versed in what their role is on Derby Day in May, here are some other ideas for those extremely attractive cups that you just had to have.

You can use them on your desk as a vessel for pens and pencils …

Or at a party as a way to serve and display cheese straws (yes, I love these too)

Maybe in your bathroom as a way to store makeup … I really wanted to find a picture of a mint julep cup with toothbrushes in it because frankly, I’m pretty sure that is what I am going to do – but you get the idea.

Or as a vessel for flowers either at home, or when entertaining. Speaking of entertaining, I had another idea for Mint Julep cups. We may only drink Mint Juleps once a year on Derby Day, and we may only occasionally have to set a table where they can be used as water glasses, but what weekend gathering of friends doesn’t require …

A Bloody Mary Bar! Use the julep cups to style the bar – as you will need bigger cups for drinking. Put your celery, or okra if you’re in the south, in one cup; your olives perched in another; and your toothpicks, swizzle sticks, or drink stirrers in the third – and voila! A really good looking Bloody Mary bar. And if you have an attractive rattan tray …

Style it all on the tray. So there you go, several everyday household uses for Mint Julep cups, and one for entertaining that can occur more than one day a year. If you are looking for a tray similar to this one, try here. And if you don’t have any Mint Julep cups, but after seeing this post you would love to get some, try here. Good luck! – let me know how it turns out!


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