Let’s Go Camping

TCCamp1This weekend I finished reading a really great book, The Yonahlossee Riding Camp for Girls. If you haven’t read it yet, I highly recommend it. Anyway, this book got me reminiscing about being a kid at camp in the summer. I mean, how great was camp? I spent two summers at Camp Mohawk in Connecticut, and my brother did a few summers at Camp Dudley in New York – and we both had the best time. I cannot wait until I have kids so that I can live vicariously through them with their camping experiences.

Wandawega 2It turns out, however, I may not have to wait to live vicariously through my unborn children. Thanks to a little article in Country Living Magazine, I have just discovered Wandawega in Wisconsin, click HERE.

Wandawega5As Country Living put it, Wandawega is like adult summer camp. Looking at the website, this couldn’t be more true. They have tennis, basketball, shuffleboard, volleyball, archery, canoes … the list goes on. There are options of different places to stay on the grounds as well. There is the old hotel building, a cedar cabin, a log cabin, a teepee, and boy scout tents on wooden platforms. The place looks like paradise for our inner child. There is even a tree house that’s a library!

Wandawega 8And the decor at Wandawega is a wonderful mix of all the eras that the camp/hotel has been in existence. Some have a very 1920s prohibition era vibe, whereas others toast the midcentury. It looks like the entire place has been decorated through some very chic Etsy Shops. Kitsch abounds at Wandawega.

Wandawega 7 Wandawega 4 Wandawega 6 Wandawega 3

Wandawega1I am going to start planning a trip for WWB and me to Wandawega right away! Are you coming with us?

SignaturePhotos courtesy of Town & Country, Country Living, and Wandawega.com

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