Leading the Charge

World Market ChargersGood Morning Lacquered Lifers. If you’re anything like me you’re looking at the calendar and you’re starting to angst about the fact that you haven’t completely nailed your Thanksgiving table design yet, and you are scouring Pinterest looking for inspiration. Since I am nowhere near completion on my table design (it could go one of two ways), I keep coming back to the foundation of the table setting – the tablecloth, and in my case the chargers.

We have a very narrow antique dining table, and placemats are too deep. The table looks cluttered, and placemats overlap. Chargers provide a nice base for my china to sit on without taking up too much space, and with all the options available the charger can be a great accent piece. I have ordered the Rattan Chargers, but I am wondering whether I shouldn’t have gone with the Wooden Bark. And the Gold Woodgrain chargers already have me thinking Christmas table. Uh oh.

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