In Love with Lysette

lysette 3Good Morning Lacquered Lifers! Came across this photo of Amanda Lindroth’s Bahamian master bedroom in the November issue of House Beautiful, and I wanted to share with you one of my favorite fabric & wallpaper patterns – Lysette and Lysette Reverse from my favorite fabric house, Quadrille. Depending on which color way you choose, Lysette can be both bold and tame – a statement or a backdrop. In the Lysette pattern, the floral is set on a white or tan backdrop, and in the Lysette Reverse pattern, it is reversed (obviously) … the color provides the background to a tan or off-white floral pattern. Lysette collageLysette and Lysette Reverse come in a variety of color ways, here are just a few of the ones I love. New Shrimp on Tan (center) is definitely one of the best, as is my personal fave that I used in our house, Brown on Tan (bottom right). StudyThe study at our house, featuring Quadrille’s Lysette Reverse Brown on Tan on the sofa. I also accented with another Quadrille favorite, Melinda in New Shrimp on Tint. The best thing about covering a whole sofa in a fabric like this is that when the sofa came home the room felt “decorated” even though there was nothing else in the room. It provided an instant sense of finished in one piece of furniture. Gotta love that. Below, a few more photos of the Lysette and Lysette Reverse fabrics and wallpapers at work. Lysette 1 Lysette 2 lysette 4Photos via House Beautiful, Vogue and by Francesco Lagnese

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