It’s a Wonderful Town!

New York, New York! I’m back, and finished with my first semester of graduate school. I couldn’t be happier to have arrived in NYC over the weekend, just in time for our first real snowfall. Don’t you just love cities in the snow? Something about that blanket of white just makes everything more beautiful. I am always amazed at how quiet New York can be when it’s snowing. New York, you look fabulous under all this snow, and everyone’s outdoor Christmas decorations look even more festive.
Park Avenue in the snow is truly a sight to see, and even better at night when the lights on all the Christmas trees are lit. It’s hard to believe that an elevated train used to run right down the middle of the street.

One of my favorite streets in New York is east 70th Street, and my favorite block is between Park and Lexington Avenues. This street is a beautiful mix of Georgian Revival, Federal Revival, French Second Empire, and Victorian High Gothic town homes that I absolutely adore. Each individual building is beautiful, however, it is the block as a whole which is truly exceptional.

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