In a Studying State of Mind

You have to excuse some of my posting tardiness over the next two weeks, final projects are due and its kinda crazy! In the vein of all the studying I’m doing, I came across this rattan desk at Ballard Designs that I just love. You all know my love of all things bamboo, and this really fits the bill. 
The perfect size for a chic little writing desk! Don’t you just love the shelf at the bottom? its great for a small stack of books, or even a little printer … just be sure to hide the cords. Ballard Designs seems to be outdoing themselves lately … I’m really pleased because their price point is not as high as some other catalog stores, and I think they have some great traditional designs. 
I really like the worn finish on the desk top. Sometimes reproduction pieces that try and achieve finishes like this can look cheap, but I think this looks really good. Although I have not seen it in person so it remains to be seen. Have a great weekend everyone!

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